You are all invited to participate in the traditional ES Open HF Championship Contest held on Saturday, 20th of April! 

Contest bands: 80m and 40m simultaneously. Foreign (non ES) participants can work only ES-stations during the contest (ES-stations can also work each other).

The contest starts at 5:00 UTC and has 4 tours (subcontests), each lasting 1 hour. Any ES-station can be contacted twice during this hour on 80m and twice on 40m - one QSO in CW and one in SSB on both bands! So, maximum number of QSO-s with the same station during the whole contest (in mixed category) can be 16 (4x4). The contest ends at 8:59 UTC.
Contest exchange: RS(T) + serial No, starting 001 (number is continuous).
Each CW QSO gives 2 points, each SSB QSO 1 point.
Different ES-call areas (prefixes ES0 - ES9) serve as multipliers on each band and mode (max 40)!
Score: Sum of QSO points x total multiplier.

The complete rules of the contest can be found here!

The Contest Committee recommends N1MM+ Logging Software for this contest - see the instructions here!

Results of the previous years can be seen here!

Send your log (Cabrillo-format preferred) before May 1st to:    or

upload it from the ES-Open web-page at:

CU in ES Open 2019!

ERAU HF Committee

The summer camp in 2019 will be held at Ranna Puhkebaas at the end of June - 28.-30.06. This site was also used for the summer camp in 2016, so many of you should remember a nice shore of Lake Peipsi and good sauna... More info will follow soon.  

CU in June!

ERAU Board

ERAÜ's traditional Winter Day took place on Saturday, 2nd of February in Tallinn TV Tower Conference Centre and brought together more than 70 participants. The programme had several interesting presentations - new developments in FT8/JTDX, hints to set up remote operation, a survey of the past WRTC-2018, discussions on the future of the ES VUSHF Field Day etc. Tours to the tower's broadcast centre and survey of the modern equipment there were also provided.

The survey of the presentations (in Estonian) can be found here.

Many thanks to all presenters and CU next year!

Organising Committee


60m band is available on a regular basis to Estonian (ES) class A and B amateurs since September 1st, 2017!

Band segment and max allowed power are according to the ITU rule 5.133B -  5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz, max 15W EIRP. Yet, we hope to get a broader segment and more power allowed in the near future.

ERAU Board