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Estonian Radio Amateurs' Summer Camp
Torupilli talu, Valgamaa

14.07. - 16.07.2023 Torupilli vimpel


The 60th Estonian Radio Amateurs' Summer camp was held at Torupilli talu, Valgamaa district (ES6-area) in South-Estonia in the middle of July. More than 200 participants (among them guests also from Finland, Latvia and Lithuania) enjoyed the nice site and excellent summer weather. The 60th anniversary of the summer camps' tradition was celebrated with evening drinks and a big decorated cake. The first photo-galleries can also be seen:  

ES5PC gallery no1

ES5PC gallery no2 (drone)

ES2ICE and ES0TJC gallery

Video made by ES1LL

Looking forward to see you in Pärnu district at Merelaiu puhkeküla at the end of June!

ERAU Board 



ERAÜ has a tradition of organising winter meetings with an educational programme and/or excursions included. The agenda typically contains presentations on various technical (equipment, antennas etc) as well as on radio sports and society related issues. Most of the presentations are in Estonian language. See the survey of these events on the link below ("Talvepäevad" on the lower part of the page).

Winter meetings list and content can be seen here!