We herewith inform, that due to the continuous Russian invasion in Ukraine ERAÜ has decided to cancel also the 2023 ES OPEN HF CHAMPIONSHIP on April 15th. We are hoping for the restoration of peace in Eastern Europe soon that would allow us to invite you to participate in ES OPEN in 2024!

ERAÜ Board and HF Committee

Seeing the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, ERAÜ expresses our deep sympathy to the Ukrainian people and is totally condemning this military action! To show solidarity with the hams in Ukraine, ERAÜ proposes that ES amateurs should temporarily stop working with Russian hams on air, though understanding that they can not be blamed of the current situation.

We are glad to announce, that the Lithuanian Amateur Radio Society (LRMD) has joined the proposal.  

Slava Ukraini!      

ERAÜ Board

On August 20 Estonian Republic celebrated its 30th anniversary of restored independence. On that occasion special event station's ES30ES activity was launched from 20.08. till 29.08. The station was active on most HF bands and modes. The operation was coordinated by ERAÜ's president ES7GM. Logs will be uploaded later to LotW, QSL-cards will be sent out centrally to all correspondents, no return-QSL is needed! More info at qrz.com.

Happy anniversary, Estonia!

ERAÜ board

The amateur radio societies of the 3 Baltic States were jointly celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the Baltic Way with activating special event stations from each republic. Special calls - ES30WAY, LY30WAY and YL30WAY were operating from August 19th till August 25th 2019 on all HF and VHF bands. A nice award is issued to commemorate this event - this is free (to download) to all, who fulfilled at least 30 points.

See the Award Rules here!

30 years ago we joined our hands, now were joining in on-air activity!

Baltic Way Award Organizing Committee



ESFF as a Hunter

  1. Register to http://wwff.co and fill your profile (registration is confirmed manually, so it may take a few days).
  2. wwff.co has lots of information about WWFF-programme, operation agenda, WWFF DX-cluster and WWFF-reference directory.
  3. Work WWFF-stations! The popular Flora&Fauna frequencies are:
    Phone: 3.744, 7.144, 14.244, 18.144, 21.244, 24.944, 28.444
    CW: 3.544, 7.024, 10.124, 14.044, 18.084, 21.044, 24.894, 28.044
  4. Your QSL-card is not needed for WWFF-awards! What is needed is that WWFF-station who worked you, will send his/her log to WWFF-manager (in Estonia to ES1NOA). You can manage your awards via “Logsearch” on wwff.co.
  5. Apply global and national WWFF-awards via Logsearch-page. Awards hosted at WWFF-site are free and are sent by email (JPG or PDF).
  6. Logsearch -> Top operators page lists top hunters and top activators. Number #1 hunter has over 13000 WWFF-references worked!

ESFF as an Activator

  1. Check ESFF directory at: http://wwff.co/directory/ and choose the reference to activate. Directory also shows how many accepted qso-s from that reference has ever been worked.
  2. Choose your QTH carefully. The whole station: radio + antennas must be located inside the reference area. The blue question mark on directory page opens  Protectedplanet.net map for this reference.
  3. Additional information about references and their borders can be found from:
    1. https://tinyurl.com/esffmap (by ES1NOA - ESFF-references on the map)
    2. https://tinyurl.com/esffdatabase (by ES1NOA - ESFF-references with additional information on Google spreadsheet)
    3. http://natura2000.eea.europa.eu/ Natura 2000 areas on the map
    4. X-GIS 2.0 [looduskaitse] (maaamet.ee) Estonian Nature conservation and Natura 2000 sites (Looduskaitse ja Natura 2000 alad)
  4. Make an operation! Minimum of 44 qsos is needed to “qualify” the operation for the top operators’ list, but you can collect 44 qsos on separate occasions. Even if you work less qsos, send your log, as it is good for hunters! For hunters there is no minimum requirement.
  5. Name format for your log is like ES1NOA @ ESFF-0001_20190101 (call @ ref# date).
  6. Any log programme which has ADIF-format (.adi/.adif) is good, but your log needs the following fields:
    Callsign used: STATION_CALLSIGN
    Operator callsign: OPERATOR
    Hunter’s callsign: CALL
    Date: QSO_DATE
    Time: TIME_ON
    Band: BAND
    Mode: MODE
    MY_SIG is “WWFF
    MY_SIG_INFO is your ESFF-reference like ESFF-0001SIG is “WWFF”

    If you have qsos to other WWFF-references (so called “park to park qsos”) you need also:

    SIG is “WWFF”
    SIG_INFO WWFF-reference number of worked WWFF-station like OHFF-0123
  7. If you use paper log, the recommended software to convert it to ADIF is DF3CB’s Fast Log Entry (FLE) which is free and an easy text editor to produce ADIF-files for WWFF. You can use FLE in real-time or off-line.
  8. Submit ADIF-log to ESFF manager to: . If you visit several times the same reference area, send your log after each operation. QSLs are not needed for WWFF awards.
  9. Send also documents to prove from where you operated. Take e.g. a snapshot of your smart phone’s map programme or photo from your GPS position or send another document proving your location. You can also send photos of your WWFF-setup and nature area border signs.
  10. ESFF manager will inform you when your log has been accepted and uploaded to WWFF.co.
  11. Logsearch -> Top operators page lists top hunters and top activators. Number #1 activator has over 1200 WWFF-references activated! 

    Good luck!
    Timo, ES1NOA


ERAÜ's traditional Winter Day took place on Saturday, 2nd of February in Tallinn TV Tower Conference Centre and brought together more than 70 participants. The programme had several interesting presentations - new developments in FT8/JTDX, hints to set up remote operation, a survey of the past WRTC-2018, discussions on the future of the ES VUSHF Field Day etc. Tours to the tower's broadcast centre and survey of the modern equipment there were also provided.

The survey of the presentations (in Estonian) can be found here.

Many thanks to all presenters and CU next year!

Organising Committee


60m band is available on a regular basis to Estonian (ES) class A and B amateurs since September 1st, 2017!

Band segment and max allowed power are according to the ITU rule 5.133B -  5351.5 to 5366.5 kHz, max 15W EIRP. Yet, we hope to get a broader segment and more power allowed in the near future.

ERAU Board

This year's Estonian radio amateurs' summer camp will be held at Torupilli talu (ES6-area, Valgamaa) in the middle of July: 14.-16.07.2023.

The traditional opening ceremony will take place on Saturday (15.07.), 11 o'clock, but many arrive already on Friday evening for the "get-together" event. The exact agenda of the meeting will be published later. Accomodation options this time are unfortunately very limited, so you are kindly asked to count on your own caravans or tents, but there are a few B&B sites not too far also. 

CU in July!

ERAU Board